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World-class elevators and solutions for maintenance and modernization.

We are one of the leading and fast growing elevator company in India. Fully licensed and insured with over 10 years of experience, we have the knowledge, experience and recourses to provide you with the height quality of elevators from New Installation to scheduled maintenance. We will provide you with prompt and professional service that you can trust at reasonable prices.

New Lifts

We have a strong team of experienced engineers ,which gives the unique advantages in providing world class quality elevators at affordable price backed up by reliable service for safe comfort&vertical transportation of people. We are dedicated to provide elevators for Commercial Buildings, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Malls & Bunglaws since last 10 years.

Modernization & Refurbishment

Elevator technology is being advanced in every moment, there fore if your elevator even if working properly ,we can improve its comfort, safety, out look and performance by a simple modernization or refurbishment. There is no need for a total replacement to change your old lift to brand new model. But only some of its parts is needed to be replaced. It helps to save your money and also you can reduce the breakdown time.

More Information

By using only the most innovative and advanced technologies in the industry, our elevators ensure more comfort and safety to the passengers. It is also economical and extremely energy efficient.

Gearless Machine

We use advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless machine technology which is a great achievement in elevator technology. However it greatly upgraded the driving performance of the elevator by reducing noise and vibration. Neverthless it is also environmental friendle (green community) since it is power saving and oil free which also adds another special feature to this machine and make it maintenance free. Due to its compact size and high efficiency, it is highly recommended and used for tall building with high speed elevators and small buildings without machine rooms.

Advanced modular door system

Our elevators are equipped with most advanced variable frequency variable current door operators which was designed in italy. This operator ensures most accurate, quiet, reliable and smooth operation of elevator doors. Compact brush less DC motor ensure low power consumption during operation. Therefore its highly recommended for high story buildings.

Integrated drive technology

Integrated drives with high torque motors with permanent magnets is a new solution for elevator driving mechanisms, that is the drives which demand small installation space, high torques with high drive comfort. The key advantage of the direct drive is reduced number of mechanical parts, tus making the maintenance easier and cheaper. Additional important adavantage of these drives is noise reduction during operation < 60dB(A) primarily because of reduced number of components which produce noise (gears, belts. worm gears).

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